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Serra-PeptidaseSerrapeptidase (technically Serratia Peptidase) is a multi-functional proteolytic enzyme that dissolves non-living tissues such as fibrin, plaque, blood clots, cysts, and inflammation in all forms – without harming living tissue.  It was originally isolated from the silkworm, which produces it to break down its hard cocoon walls, and is produced commercially today through a fermentation process.

A striking quality of serrapeptidase is its profound ability to reduce pain, by blocking the release of pain-inducing amines.  It has received wide use as an analgesic in Europe, where it now outsells ibuprofen, brand-name painkillers, and prescription NSAIDs.  And unlike these NSAIDs, serrapeptidase is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects and has no inhibitory effect on prostaglandins.

Clinical research studies have found that serrapeptidase prompts anti-inflammatory activity, anti-edemic activity (the lessening of fluid retention), and fibrinolytic activity (the dissolution of protein buildups).  Both in vitro and in vivo studies have revealed that its specific anti-inflammatory effects are far superior to that of other proteolytic enzymes.

Serrapeptidase also alters the elasticity and viscosity of the dense mucus produced in people with respiratory conditions.  People with sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, and pulmonary diseases show much improved structure and function of the mucus after taking serrapeptidase.

Serrapeptidase has been found to be effective against arthritis, ear nose and throat conditions, injury-related swelling, varicose veins and other vascular conditions, and has been used to dissolve arterial plaque.  The renowned internist Dr. Hans Nieper, well known for his work with proteolytic enzymes, referred to serrapeptidase as "the miracle enzyme". 

Serra-Peptidase For Life is the proprietary enzyme preparation PEPTIZYME SP®–EN, a special high potency serratia peptidase.  It is derived from non-animal, non-GMO source through a controlled fermentation.  Successive purification steps including micro-filtration, fractionation, DEAE-Cellulase column chromatography, gel-filtration, aseptic filtration and freeze-drying yield this product in a highly purified form.  Enteric coating of the granules protects the enzyme from being neutralized by acids in the stomach.  .

Each capsule contains 40,000 IU serratia peptidase yielding 20 mg potency
Extremely important to take on an empty stomach (see FAQs)

What the Research Shows

Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions
A study of 193 patients with acute or chronic ear, nose and throat pathologies (including laryngitis). After 3-4 days, patients taking serrapeptidase experienced a significant reduction in pain, secretion and other symptoms. Improvement was excellent or good for 97.3% of the serrapeptidase patients, compared with only 21.9% of the placebo patients.(1)

Respiratory Conditions
In respiratory diseases characterized by increased production of dense mucus, serrapeptidase alters mucus elasticity and results in a considerable reduction in viscosity, confirming its efficacy as a mucolytic agent.(2,3,4)  A Japanese study of patients with chronic airway diseases found that treatment with serrapeptidase caused symptoms to significantly decrease, and exerted a beneficial effect on mucus clearance.(5)  A double-blind study of 174 patients found the degree of swelling in serrapeptidase-treated patients was consistently and significantly less than in the placebo group, without side effects.(6)

Fibrocystic Breast Disease
In a double-blind study of 70 patients with fibrocystic breast disease, 85.7% of the patients receiving serrapeptidase reported moderate to marked improvement in breast pain, swelling and firmness.  No adverse reactions were reported and researchers concluded that "Serrapeptidase is a safe and effective method for the treatment of breast engorgement".(7,8)

Post-operative Swelling
In a German study, patients who had ankle ligament surgery and were given serrapeptidase had a 50% reduction in swelling after 3 days, while patients in two control groups had no reduction in swelling.  The serrapeptidase patients also recovered more rapidly than the controls, becoming pain-free by the 10th day.(9)

Other Conditions
In a 6-week study of 20 carpal tunnel syndrome patients, 65% showed significant clinical improvement supported by significant improvement in electrophysiological parameters.(10) In an Italian study of 20 patients with varicose veins, good to excellent improvement was reported in over 60% of the subjects taking serrapeptidase. Pain was reduced in 63% of cases, fluid buildup in 56%, and abnormal skin redness in 58%.(11)


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More Information


Serrapeptidase has been used to treat:
  • pain and strain
  • inflammation
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteo-arthritis
  • lupus
  • fibrocystic breast disease
  • ovarian cysts
  • ear nose & throat infections
  • bronchitis and asthma
  • emphysema
  • fibromyalgia
  • Crohn’s disease
  • colitis and cystitis
  • enlarged prostate
  • post-operative swelling
  • varicose veins
  • thrombophlebitis
  • migraines
  • sprains and trauma
  • arterial plaque

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