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Benefits of Omega-3 for Weight Control

Omega-3A recent study published in Lipids 2004 reviewed the effects of omega-3s on weight control. The study presents effects on weight reduction in obesity prone animals using different omega-3 concentrates containing EPA or DHA.

Data from the study demonstrated that the omega-3 concentrate increased oxidation of fat by activating genes that breaks down fat in the mitochondriae and peroxisomes. These effects not only showed weight reduction but they also showed weight gain prevention in animals given free access to food. Additionally, the omega-3 concentrate not only intensified breakdown of fat but also reduced the number of fat cells, especially in the abdominal region. The effects were augmented in animals on a concomitant 10% calorie reduction regimen.

This regimen was also tested in a pilot study, presented at the North American Association for Study of Obesity (NAASO) Annual Meeting, November 2004, which tested 20 women with severe obesity (Body Mass Index, BMI, more that 40). The women were already on a very low calorie diet. The group given the omega-3 concentrate reduced their weight by 20% more than the placebo group after only three weeks of treatment. BMI was reduced by as much as 15%.


Ruzickova J, et al. Omega-3 PUFA of marin origin limit diet-induced obesity in mice by reducing cellularity of adipose tissue. Lipids 2004; 39:1177-1185.

NAASO's 2004 Annual Meeting, Volume 12, October 2004, Supplement, Program Abstracts. No 249-P. Weight Reduction with VLDC and N-3 PUFA Leads to Higher Decrease of Weight and BMI in Severely Obese Women.



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