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A wealth of scientific evidence now suggests that chronic inflammation is a key underlying factor in many diseases, including atherosclerosis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive system diseases, and Alzheimer's disease.

Ohana Health brand products are designed to provide a natural anti-inflammatory protocol. We invite you to review the information about each product, and contact us with your inquiries.

We are proud to offer products of the highest purity, quality, and therapeutic value. For this reason the Ohana Health brand is available only through health professionals and related pharmacies.

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Inflammation Serra-Peptidase
Omega-3 Tri-Salt
Tri-Salt for LIFE
To maintain pH balance and an anti-inflammatory terrain
Omega-3 for LIFE 40:20 TG
For general health and cellular anti-inflammatory defense
Serra-Peptidase for LIFE
To relieve acute/chronic inflammation and pain
Learn more about inflammation and your health